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Perscription Glasses

ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Center - Arizona's leading center for low vision rehabilitation.

About ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Center

The ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Center offer a comprehensive selection of prescriptive and pre-made magnification products and helpful daily living aids to assist people with visual impairment. We also serve as a low vision resource center to provide information on other services and agencies available to assist those with visual impairment.

While an appointment is necessary to see one of our doctors, you do not need an appointment to visit our offices to see our large selection of new and used Personal Electronic Reading Machines (Video Magnifiers), hand and stand magnifiers, spectacle mounted and hand held telescopes, task lamps, sewing and craft aids, large print games, books, calendars, watches, clocks, calculators and large print kitchen aids. We also have a large selection of talking products.

If you live in Arizona and would like to have an in-home demonstration of our large selection of Electronic Reading Machines (Video Magnifiers), please contact either ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Center to schedule an appointment.

Our Team


Carlos Grandela

Joyce Trandem 1 June 2023.jpg

Joyce Trandem


Taral Patel


Jerome Hale

Orientation and Mobility Specialist
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