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April 30th Informational Webinar - Veterans Affairs

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The Veterans Affairs System is committed to providing top notch healthcare for Veterans throughout the United States of America. In Arizona, there are VA medical centers in Prescott, Phoenix, and Tucson. The Phoenix and Tucson VA medical centers offer low vision rehabilitation programs. Although the Prescott VA does have an optometry department, they do not have a low vision clinic, and so patients from the Prescott VA in need of low vision services are referred to the Phoenix VA.

The Advanced Ambulatory Low-Vision Clinic matches Veterans with a visual impairment to resources that can help them succeed, whether it be special glasses, low vision aids, or orientation and mobility training. The VA also coordinates with other local non-profits and state entities to ensure veterans have access to specialized training and rehabilitation. If a Veteran needs to learn additional skills to remain independent after sight loss, a referral to the Tucson VA’s Southwest Blind Rehabilitation Center may be warranted. At this center, Veterans will learn about orientation and mobility, communication skills, activities of daily living, manual skills, visual skills, computer access training, social and recreational activities, as well as emotional and behavioral health support. This inpatient program ensures that Veterans with visual impairment are prepared to live independently.

During this month’s informational webinar, Dr. Grandela will be talking with Thomas Hicks and Dr. Melissa Schiffer from the Phoenix VA’s Advanced Low Vision Clinic to discuss the resources and programs that are available to Veterans living with vision loss. Join us at 3pm MST on April 30th to learn more about what the Phoenix VA Advanced Low Vision Clinic has to offer our veterans.

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