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Three Ways to Use Magnification

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

One of the most common solutions used to help people see more clearly is to use magnification. Simply, make what you want to see bigger.

Most people who have a visual impairment have holes or distortion in their vision making small objects or print difficult to see. By making the object or print bigger, the holes or distortion becomes less visible.

See the text below simulating reading with a visual impairment: The top sentence is in regular size text. The holes and distortion in the person’s vision make reading very difficult. By making the print 4X larger, the text becomes much easier to see.

There are three ways to magnify:

1. Use Large Print products There are many large print products that can help a person perform their daily tasks more easily. These large print products include large print books, large print keyboards and computer software, TV remote controls, clocks, watches, kitchen timers, measuring cups and spoons, games and playing cards. The ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Centers sells a large selection of large print products.

2. Move closer to what you want to see. Simply moving closer to the television or sitting in the front row in a movie theater or other event will significantly increase the size of what you wish to see.

3. Use products that magnify. Use magnification products such as strong reading glasses, hand magnifiers, telescopes and video magnification systems. Eyeglasses can be made up to 20X power and electronic magnification systems can magnify up to 84X. The ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Centers offer a complete selection of magnification solutions for the visually impaired.

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